13 thoughts that ran through our mind while watching Khichdi 3

MUMBAI: We have been waiting for more than a decade to watch the classic Khichdi which made us fall in love with the idiotic wisecracks of the harebrained Parekh family. We could not get enough of the gadha Praful coupled with the certified whacko Hansa, the shrewd ideas of Jayshree and ofcourse, the anguish of Babuji. Even thinking about them gives us a bout of laughter.

Khichdi is back with its season 3 and is two episodes down already. A biweekly which airs every weekend hit the screens with the promise to tickle the viewer’s funny bones with a twist. Here, we at business credit take this opportunity to review the show by stating 13 thoughts that ran through our minds while watching the Khichdi 3.

As the show starts, we excitedly sit in front of the TV screens with our tub full of popcorns. The first scene introduces Babuji and Jayshree where, the statement which we have longed to hear since a decade – “Jayshree…Chai la rahi ho ya bahara se mangva lu?” makes us smile sappily. While the proficiency of humour is on point, we wonder where the most loved madcaps – Hansa and Praful are?

And here they are! This time with a better comic timing, chemistry, wit and humour. Though each character brings the best of their deft, the core story around which the comedy revolves gets draggy, making us want to know what happens next not out of excitement but boredom.

What brings us sudden notice is that the each of the characters sport colour coordinated designer clothes. While the first scene had all of them wearing the same shade of red, the second sequence had them flaunting yellow. Whatever be the case, they all looked great and vibrant.

And for the woman whom we have heard and longed to see on-screen, Renuka Shahane is finally introduced. Dressed in a black saree, she is introduced as a don who is blackmailing the Parekh family. The story talks about how the family owes people money as the builder has cheated them.

JD Majethia as Himanshu bores us to tears, Supriya Pathak’s comic timing is on point and Anang Desai’s chemistry with Vandana Pathak is spectacular. The story now progresses to projecting how Hansa goes missing followed by a rib tickling ‘toilet drama’ and introducing the Parmindars.

Renuka Shahane enters the scene once again and this time we find that she projects a speech defect. We feel the lady with impeccable acting skills could have played a better than that of a don given her sweet personality. Also, she fails to be seen in significant light.

Now begins the big plan to rob the bank of the same builder to get back at him.

The second episode hits off with the Parekh family ‘disguising’ (at least to say so) to rob a bank. And so the plan begins – Hansa as the main heroine, Jayshree as the sutradhar – Raju Singh, Himanshu as an old uncle, Praful as an old blind woman and Babuji as Babulal. The episode seems to be a fun ride so far with a lot of twists and turns.

The episode has just begun and the Parekh family has taken us down a laughter riot already and as they get to the bank, we can’t wait to see what awaits us next!

Unlike the first episode, the story just keeps on getting interesting every second as the Parekh family wrecks havoc at the bank leading to uproarious breakouts of laughter. Hansa asking the meaning of words in the middle of the robbery, Praful tweaking his voice making the situation all the more funny and of course, Himanshu and Jayshree trying all the damage control!

Enters Sarita Joshi, another actress with charm, élan and acting skills which are heterogeneous in nature. Hansa, Praful and Himanshu gather to offer condolences at the funeral and as expected, the subject takes a comical route from discussing death of their uncle to rotten bananas leaving us tripping over our seats like nine pins.

The story, as we notice, has no flow and connectivity. What started as a bank robbery went on to showcase the death of Hansa’s father.

All in all, Khichdi fails to fix its subject for the episode thereby making it a random watch. However, we would raise a toast for being one of the best comeback shows television has seen so far.

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