Adaa Khan looks up to Rekha and Priyanka Chopra!

MUMBAI: Actor Adaa Khan is no stranger to success and has achieved glory with most of her shows on the small screen, be it Naagin, Naagin 2 or her present show (Sitara). On being asked about career in bollywood she says. “I am open to the idea of doing Bollywood. If a substantial opportunity comes, I will surely take it up otherwise I am satisfied doing TV. I will take up a film offer if a substantial content driven film comes my way. I have been brought up in Mumbai and am very private person and live life one day at a time. I am realistically ambitious and feel good work attracts more good work. If you are talented sooner or later the right opportunity will come your way”, she says.

The actor feels that web series have a bright future, but TV will never die. “TV is like daal chaval, who will never go out of fashion. Web series boom has arrived and is here to stay. Both can co-exist the nature of the content is different and in some cases even the target segment is different,” she says, adding, “TV is mass medium, TV comes free in every household. TV was going to transition phase when I started. It gives you instant feedback from the audience. TV is a complete industry.”
Ask her who she looks up to in the industry, and she says, “As an actress, I look up to Rekha, she has been an all-rounder and has conducted her career gracefully. I even look up to Priyanka Chopra, she is an amazing actress. I have always admired her work and the way she is.”

On being asked about the trend of supernatural shows she says, “Supernatural and horror genre always had an audience. It is a healthy trend at the end of the day TV is all about drama and story telling. If the supernatural and horror stories are getting TRP’s that clearly signifies audiences love to watch that and audiences are looking for thrill and entertainment and not meaning in TV shows. TV TV is a masses medium and whatever entertains them is loved. TV is like daal chawal who will never go out of fashion. TV has evolved in variety of ways. Variety of content is being made. Technological boom has given too many options to people to entertain themselves. Internet boom can’t be denied. Everything is there no the mobile but watching a tv show on TV screen and watching a film on the big screen are substantial experiences and mobile viewing can be an option not a permanent substitute”.

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