Aloy Bhuvan Bhora actress Roshni Bhattacharya shares her monsoon fashion mantra

KOLKATA: Roshni Bhattacharya is one of the popular names on Bengali television. She came into limelight after portraying the lead protagonist in the soap Premer Kahini. Her present project is Aloy Bhuvan Bhora, where she is playing the lead role again. Here, she is seen as an acid attack survivor.

business credit caught up with Roshni for a monsoon special interview wherein she spoke about her fashion and make-up mantra, her all-time favourite dress, and much more. Here are some excerpts.

On monsoon fashion

Speaking about the attire that she prefers to wear during the monsoon, she said, ‘During the monsoon, I prefer very casual attire because of the rain. You know how it is in Kolkata during this season…there is water, mud…so I opt for dresses, shorts, T-shirts, and sneakers. I mostly stick to cotton, linen, or any light fabric or clothes made of gunjee material. I try to avoid denim, because if it gets wet, it takes time to dry, and you cannot be in wet attire for a long time. For my hair, either I keep it tied up in a high bun or keep it open.’

On make-up

Roshni is one actress who is not much into make-up, and for her, monsoon is all about simplicity. ‘I am a very fuss-free make-up person, so it’s usually compact and little bit of lipstick and mascara when I am not shooting. And speaking about my make-up for my show, well, presently, for the look that I carry (as mentioned above, she is playing an acid attack survivor), I have to use prosthetics, and for that reason, I don’t put any makeup on my skin. It’s just eyebrow detailing and putting mascara. But if I go for other shoots, I usually opt for water-based foundation because I have very dry skin. I moisturize my skin and then apply a very light foundation.’

Favourite attire for every season

When we asked her about her go-to dress for every season, the actress said that she is a huge shirt person. She teams it up with denim or, sometimes, she layers it up.

One fashion trend she hates

‘The fashion trend that I absolutely hate is overdressing. There are people who wear a lot of things of so many different colours at a time. I prefer to stick to one colour palette. Fashion is comfort as well as simplicity. Then there are some people who wear a neckpiece, bangles, and earrings all at the same time. Let’s not do that. If there is one statement earring, go for that one,’ she said.

Tips for her fans for the monsoons

‘Keep it as simple as possible not because it’s raining plus the temperature keeps on fluctuating. Use powder-based products instead of liquid products, because the former won’t melt. As per your preference, you can use little bit of lipstick, kajal, and mascara,’ said the actress. She stressed the importance of shampooing hair on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

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