Angoori Bhabhi recreates Sridevi’s famous Charlie Chaplin look from Mr. India

MUMBAI: The adorable Angoori Bhabhi from &TV’s Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain will be seen in the look of the famous comical icon, Charlie Chaplin. Imitating the iconic Chaplin smile and his style of walk, Angoori Bhabhi will take viewers back to the fond memories of the late super star, Sridevi in the Hindi film Mr. India. The latter’s jovial and energetic parody of the icon in the film surely cannot be forgotten, and our Bhabhi is all set to make us relive that with her performance in the show.

Talking about resembling Bollywood’s favourite, Shubhangi Atre a.k.a Angoori said, “Srideviji stood out in all her performances, especially that of Charlie Chaplin in Mr. India. A mere resemblance to her character itself would mean a lot to anyone and I consider it a real honour that I am getting an opportunity to do so. She has been a true role model for so many of us including me and it is with great pride that I am attempting to bring back memories of her time.”

Commenting further about her new role and appearance, the actress said, “Angoori is quite capable of doing such pagalapanti! I had suggested the Charlie Chaplin look to the team and I am thrilled to play this character. Playing the legendary comedian and being able to perfectly enact him is a huge challenge. Viewers have often seen Angoori in her traditional attire and this would be a starkly different avatar. I am really curious to know what viewers will think about Angoori’s new look. In terms of comedy and entertainment, they can surely expect much more throughout this track.”

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain is set to witness a light-hearted, but emotional feud between the simple and innocent Tiwari ji and the bubbly Angoori Bhabhi. On being blamed by Tiwariji for losing her ‘romantic spark’, Angoori decides to consult Ammaji on a way to win her husband back. Bizarre solutions are suggested, leading to trouble for Angoori. Dressed in her new attire, will Angoori be able to figure out a way to win Tiwariji’s heart?

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