Arshi Khan to recreate Bipasha’s Bidi Jalaile in Bitti Business Wali

&TV’s Bitti Business Wali has been making headlines ever since its launch. The concept of women’s financial independence is gaining a lot of popularity and the duo Bitti-Mahi are been liked by the audience. The show witnesses a unique love story between Bitti (Prakruti Mishra) and Mahi, played by the hottie Abhishek Bajaj. The current track on the show will see Mahi and Bitti tying the knot at gunpoint! Yes, you heard that right! The bitterness and fights between the two families will eventually lead the two lovers in an unfortunate situation where Mahi will force Bitti to marry him at gunpoint as a revenge for offending his father. The coming week will not only witness a rift between the couple but will also leave a huge impact in Bitti’s life. That being a spoiler alert, the wedding will surely elevate the drama level of the show.

And the grand celebration will be marked by a sweltering performance by none other than the reality television sensation Arshi Khan. Arshi is pumped up to set the screen ablaze with her performance on the sensuous and raunchy number ‘beedi jalaile’ from the movie Omkara featuring Bipasha Basu who won our hearts with her unbelievably mesmerising moves. Dressed in a shimmery neon peach spaghetti that stands in perfect contrast to a royal green and gold skirt, the actress will be seen flaunting some of her best moves in a style that might just leave the viewers awed with her performance. Giving a sensational Bollywood touch to her scintillating dance act, Arshi will be seen aptly using sparkling lights along with the classic Indian ‘Khatiya’ to give an added element of sizzle to her performance.

Besides her unquestionable dancing skills, it is Arshi’s in-your-face attitude that keeps her in the forefront at all times. Extremely excited and awaiting to swoon the audience with her moves, Arshi shares, “The reactions on my dance performances have been overwhelming. I liked the concept of Bitti Business Wali and the take on women’s financial independence as it is something I relate to as well. I was really looking forward to this performance because ‘beedi jalaile’ is one of the gems in the list of popular Bollywood item numbers. While Bipasha’s performance to the song is incomparable, the choreographer Habibaji has given a new treatment to the song which is celebratory and rustic. I hope the viewers will enjoy my performance in the show”. Further adding on to her views about financial independence, she says, “A large number of women in India are efficient home-makers but career takes a back seat for a lot of them especially after marriage. Bitti Business Wali on point talks about breaking those stereotypes and being independent. I always believe that when women earn for themselves, they are immediately more in control of their lives.”

We can’t wait to see Arshi’s oomph-filled performance!

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