Conflict between Jo and Zahira continues in Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel

MUMBAI: Reminiscing hostel life often brings back memories – some cherished, some bitter. From trying to make small occasions special to fighting till dawn, hostel life never has a dull moment. Girliyapa’s Girls Hostel is one such series that showcases the highs and lows of hostel life of 4 dynamic young women who are bound by an unlikely friendship. Essayed by Ahsaas Channa, Simran Natekar, Srishti Srivastava and Parul Gulati; these four girls go through life tackling one hostel issue at a time.

Girls Hostel’s much awaited 4TH episode titled ‘THE BEST OF FRIENDS’ will now deal with interpersonal problems that arise between roommates, and the lengths one would go to avoid the next person. Since Richa (Ahsaas Channa), has been adjusting living with Jo (Srishti Srivastava) for quite some time now, she and Mili (Simran Natekar) find it tough to share the room with Jo and the two team up to find ways and means to unearth more information about Jo. Soon they come to realize that Zahira (Parul Gulati) and Jo previously shared a close friendship that has overtime corroded and turned into a bitter rivalry. Little do they know that this conflict goes much deeper and involves a third person and a larger problem. As the tussle between Jo and Zahira brews, it is now up to Richa and Mili to find out how these best friends have turned into the worst enemies.

Parul Gulati essaying the role Zahora in Girls Hostel said, “Hostel life is definitely a challenging phase where one needs to make a lot of adjustments but at the same time, teaches you to effectively deal with different problem we face in life. It teaches you the value of making correct judgements and more importantly, the value of having a true friend by your side. In this 2-part finale, audiences are in for a shock as they come to terms with the real reason behind the animosity between Jo and Zahira.”

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