Didn’t wish to do fiction TV shows: Monalisa

MUMBAI: Bhojpuri film actress Antara Biswas, popularly known as Monalisa, says she had never thought of acting in a fiction TV show.

The former Bigg Boss contestant is set to make her Hindi fiction debut on the small screen. She will be seen playing Mohana (a daayan) on the upcoming show Nazar.

“Being a popular movie actress, I had never thought of venturing into fiction on the small screen. In fact, I didn’t wish to do a fiction show on television until Nazar came my way,” said Monalisa.

“When I was approached for the show, I found the script extremely appealing and unconventional. Mohana is very distinctive and her aura is mesmerising. The intriguing characteristics of the daayan such as her ‘chotti’ and her several powers further enticed me to be a part of this supernatural drama.”

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