‘DNA’ drama in Zee TV’s Jeeti Gayi…

Mumbai: Post Krip Suri’s exit from the show as the main lead, Zee TV’s Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More (Jay Production) recently took a huge leap. The show’s female protagonist, Yesha Rughani, who played Devi so far portrays the young daughter of her own character – Devika.

Cast opposite her is TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim in the main lead.

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As per the fresh story, the vamp Heera (Roopa Divatia) and Devika have already come face to face. However, both of them are unaware of each other’s backstory. As a matter of fact, Devika is not only ignorant about who Heer is but also that she is the daughter of Devi and Adhiraj and that she is in charge of the assets as per the will drafted by Devi.

As the track progresses, unaware of Devika being the heir, a greedy Heera will ask Devika to fake the identity of Devi and Adhiraj’s daughter so that she can have her hand on the property. After a brief thought, the latter will agree to the same on the conditions of attaining her share of money, permitting her parents to live with her in the haveli and with a promise to be treated like a princess.

Heer and Devika will agree on common grounds after which they will consult a lawyer. He will ask Devika to get a DNA test done to prove that she is Devi-Adhiraj’s daughter. While Devika will fret, Heer will forge her DNA test.

But here comes the twist!

The will draft will mention that the property will belong to Devika only if she is married. Hence, Heera will now find a suitable groom for Devika.

Who will Devika get married to?

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