Gaurav Sareen gains 10 kgs for Krishna Chali London

MUMBAI: Actor Gaurav Sareen has put on 10 kgs for a special sequence of the show Krishna Chali London.

“There is a dream sequence in the show which requires me to look healthy. Radhey (his character) dreams that he and Krishna are married, have aged and are living happily with each other,” Gaurav, who now weighs 70 kg, said in a statement.

“I discussed the whole sequence with my director and we did various look tests. I love playing Radhey on screen and I want to do justice to my character and if I have to do anything for it, I will readily do it,” he added.

Radhey is a good- looking man who is supposed to get married to Krishna even though their relationship is bitter sweet.

Krishna Chali London is aired on Star Plus.

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