Haters are going to hate, so I just try to ignore: Tanvi Dogra on receiving hate messages

MUMBAI: Tanvi Dogra is a well-known face in the television industry. She is currently seen in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna. She is playing the character of Kavya Mittal and is seen opposite Zain Imam, who is playing the role of Kabir in the show. Unfortunately, some of the fans are not accepting this pairing.

Earlier, Zain was seen opposite Aditi Rathore in Naamkarann, and their pairing is still celebrated by his fans on social media. These fans are so attached to this pair that they are sending hate messages to Tanvi. In fact, she is trolled for her chemistry with the actor.

Speaking about the same, Tanvi told SpotboyE.com, “I feel social media has given a platform to the people where they can express themselves and say anything what they want to. There will be opinions I know and nowadays it’s common for a public figure to receive backlash for anything they say or do. It’s not something new actually but of course at the same time it is sad and disturbing. Eventually, haters are going to hate, so I just try to ignore such comments”.

“I feel that at the end of it, we all are co-actors. This is our job, this is our profession and this is how the industry works and the audience demands it and we respect that. Of course we can’t be paired opposite the same actor again and again. The fans definitely connect with the ongoing pair and they become so emotionally attached to a pair that they want them to team up in real life too. And that is the reason why it becomes difficult for them to accept the actor with someone else in another show. I understand that but ultimately the channel decides this and you and I don’t have any role to play it actually,” she added.

The actress further said to the portal, “I would say that I haven’t shared a good amount of screen space with him yet. But the characters also right now don’t require much chemistry between us. It’s more of a friendship zone at the moment. So you never know what it leads to in the future.”

Tanvi praised her co-star Zain and said that they share quite a happy bond with each other and that he is a great person to work with.

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