Heat does not come in the way of Rohit Purohit

MUMBAI: Television actor Rohit Purohit has spelled magic on screen with his stellar performances as Alexander the great in Sony Entertainment Television’s magnum opus show Porus. He has become a household name and has been getting rave reviews for his acting prowess. In the upcoming sequence, the show plot is now leading into a Persian war where Rohit was required to wear two layers of Armors in the melting heat of 40 degrees. The actor who is seen adorning heavy costumes for his role recently developed rashes because of the scorching heat and the hefty costumes. But the agonizing pain did not deter him from giving his best and he continued with the shoot.

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Rohit shares, “The character of Alexander has been very close to my heart and I love playing the role. We are shooting the Persian war of Issus in the upcoming track and its mind boggling. I am wearing two layers of armors for the same and we are shooting outdoors in 40 degrees heat. I have got rashes on the front and back of my upper body because of the heavy costumes and the heat. It is irritating to put the costumes on that again but we only have limited time period to shoot for the same. The production has doctors on the set all the time for precautions.. But all this is worth it and I believe nothing can stop me from giving my best. The show must go on !”

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