It’s super cool: Pooja on being part of ‘Vikram Aur Betaal’

MUMBAI: Actor Pooja Banerjee, who is part of the show Vikram Aur Betaal, says that it’s always fun to do a costume drama.

“It’s super cool…I’m playing a princess in it and I’ve seen the earlier Vikram and Betaal episodes, so it’s like reliving the good old childhood days. Plus, it’s always fun to do a costume drama. I liked the character because it’s a very feminist role and it will be great to watch some feminism in period dramas,” she says.

Talking about her character, she adds, “She is a princess and a strong level-headed girl who stands for what is right and doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. The rest you shall get to know once you watch the show.”

The actor has done a couple of costume dramas from Nagarjuna to Chanranandini and now this one. However, she says that this is different. “It’s obviously more dramatic and the language is pretty different…and the acting is more poised and graceful,” she says.

Ask her if she feels costume dramas are tough, and she says, “Getting ready for it is very tiring and managing the costumes becomes extremely tedious.”

The actor is also doing the show Dil Hi Toh Hai and has been somehow managing both. “I am shuttling between sets…so yes, it’s been a marathon shooting schedule for me. But honestly, no complains…I feel blessed that I have such different roles in my kitty and I’m playing each character with sincerity,” she signs off.

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