Kullfi to join Sikandar’s concert at Pathankot in Kullfi Kumar Bajewala

Mumbai: Star Plus’ newly launched drama Kullfi Kumar Bajewala (Four Lions & Invictus T Mediaworks) is winning hearts with its touching musical tale.

The ardent viewers the daily have been eagerly waiting for the moment when the father-daughter duo, Sikandar (Mohit Malik) and Kullfi (Akriti Sharma) will meet each other and know about their relation that they have been unaware of till now.

In the recent episodes of the show, we have seen that Nihalo (Pallavi Rao) has been offered money to send Kullfi for the upcoming Pathankot concert where Kullfi’s father, Sikandar Singh will be performing. There have been speculations whether Kullfi will visit the Pathankot concert or not because Nimrat (Shruti Sharma) is totally against Kullfi’s attraction towards music.

Our source informs us that the coming episodes of the series have a lot to unfold further that will keep the viewers hooked to the series.

Kullfi will finally visit the Pathankot concert where Sikandar Singh will be performing. The concert special episode will have a lot of interesting twists in store.

Will Kullfi and Sikandar come face to face at the concert and know about their relation? Well, only time will tell.

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When we contacted Mohit, he commented, “Yes, we do come together for the concert where I will be performing. The audience will have to watch the episodes to know both of us will meet at the concert or not.”

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