Lesser known facts about Bong beauty Tonni Laha Roy

KOLKATA: Tonni Laha Roy is one of the pretty actresses of Bengali television shows. She has portrayed important roles in many TV shows such as Bakso Bodol, Benebou and Tumi Robe Nirobe.

In an interview with business credit, the actress revealed nine fun and interesting lesser known facts about her.

Over to Tonni-

I was very confused about my aim…I wanted to be a fashion designer, a model, an air hostess and even an actor which I never thought I could be…but finally my dream turned into a reality when I became an actor.

I graduated in Media Science.

I used to hate studies. I used to hate History the most. When I grew up I took psychology, I liked that subject.

I got my first proposal when I was in the fifth standard.

I am scared of lizards.

I have a weakness for mints. I like anything in mint flavour.

I love gorging on Biryani.

There are many films that I have watched many times and I will never be bored of watching them again.

The great personalities inspire me. They are my icons.

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