Maha episode: Face-off between on-screen sisters Divya & Drishti

MUMBAI: Star Plus’ show Divya Drishti has been garnering immense popularity and love from its viewers due to its unpredictable storyline, amazing graphics and VFX. The ongoing storyline is keeping the audiences hooked to their seats.

Divya Drishti is a tale of two sisters Divya and Drishti who have superpowers. Divya has the power to change the future whereas Drishti has the ability and the vision to foresee the future.

Now, the viewers will see a major twist in the upcoming episode as these sisters are in for a major face-off as Divya has turned negative and are all set to destroy her own sister Drishti. Nyra Banerjee, who is playing Divya in Divya Drishti has turned into a badass Pisachini after she and her reel sister Sana Sayyad aka Drishti killed Pisachini.

After the death of the evil Pisachini, Divya has gained all the evil powers and her bad energies. Divya’s sole motive is to kill and destroy her very own sister Drishti in the upcoming track. The viewers will soon see a huge face-off between the two sisters Divya and Drishti who will fight against each other.

Who would have thought the sisters who were trying to find each other throughout their childhood will now turn enemies and fight for themselves? Divya who has been the sweet sister will soon turn an evil Pisachini to plan her sister’s death.

It will be interesting to see who wins this battle, Good or the Evil? The Maha episode will air this Saturday and Sunday.

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