Manoj Joshi gets into Retro zone in Sony SAB’s Mangalam Dangalam

MUMBAI: Sony SAB’s Mangalam Dangalam has continued to amuse viewers with interesting twists and turns, portraying a hit and miss relationship between a father-in-law and his son-in-law. In the upcoming episodes Sanjeev Saklecha (Manoj Joshi) gets into the zone of 1970s, after consuming the soup made by Arjun (Karanvir Sharma).

As Sanjeev forbids the doctor from telling anyone that he didn’t have a heart attack but a gas stroke, Rumi (Manisha Rawat) decides to stay with him until he gets better. Arjun, being aware of the truth, promises not to tell anyone and starts helping Rumi to take care of Sanjeev. While Sanjeev gets jealous on watching Rumi so close to Arjun, Makhan gets a Churan for Sanjeev’s better recovery, from Dolly Baba, said to have a side effect if mixed in liquid. The twist arises when Arjun uses the churan in the soup he makes for Sanjeev, worsening the effect of it as Sanjeev starts to transform into a man from the 70s and starts talking like Rajesh Khanna. The entire family is surprised on seeing him this way and plans to visit Dolly Baba to get a solution for the situation, which involves certain risks.

Will Dolly Baba get Sanjeev Saklecha out of this situation safely?

Manoj Joshi, playing the role of Sanjeev Saklecha said, “Sanjeev Saklecha is extremely possessive about his daughter. Although, he is still trying to adjust with the fact that she is now married, he doesn’t want her to stay away from him and thus resorts to various tactics. With the retro mood all set, it is going to be a fun time for the viewers as the entire cast enjoyed reliving the old yet gold days.”

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