Not a lot of reality shows are real, says Singer Bhavya Raj

New Delhi: In the time when every television channel is running its own singing reality shows, singer Bhavya Raj says that most of them have given a platform to underground singers but a lot of them are not real.

“Reality shows have given a platform to a lot of underground singers but they’re ultimately all about commercials. Not a lot of it is real,” Raj said in a statement.

He performed at DLF Mall of India’s “Midnight Shopathon” that took place between 6 July till 8 July and gave shopaholics a chance to shop till they drop from 300 brands.

Talking about how live performances excite him, he said it’s always fun.

“You get to interact with the audience in real time. You get to see how well they respond to your music and what kind of joy it brings them. It’s very fulfilling,” said Raj who is currently occupied with recordings, shows and rehearsals.

Is Bollywood on his mind?

“Bollywood is definitely on my mind at some point. That’s the big league everyone wants to play. That kind of audience in the millions,” he said.

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