Romance to brew between Shourya and Anushka in Laado 2

Mumbai: Colors’ Laado 2 (Dhaval Gada) has a lot of drama in store for its viewers.

Anushka (Avika Gor) so far has been living on the edge balancing the autocracies by Rantej (Dakksh Ajit Singh) and the turbulences. The upcoming episodes will bring Shourya (Siddharth Arora) and Anushka in focus against the backdrop of a fight sequence.

Shourya will want to challenge a wrestle at a fight club. Anushka will know that if Shourya fights, he might die. She will rush to the fight club to stop him but Shourya will be adamant. A worried Anushka will then persuade the opponent to fight and after a lot of appeals and requests he will agree to drop the fight.

The viewers will also get to witness some romantic moments between Anushka and Shourya.

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