Soni Singh gets her filmy moment!

Horses have always meant a lot to actor Soni Singh, which is why her latest pictures mean a great deal to her as well. The actor was in for quite a surprise recently when she spotted a horse recently near the sets of her show Sitara. Soni was so excited and asked if she could ride the horse. The actor even got clicked while doing so.

“I just love horses! I was so glad that I got to ride one recently. I had been on a horse once when we were in Mahabaleshwar, a long time back when I was in school,” she says.

She adds, “I have never learnt horse riding but I love it because horses looks so pretty. The moment this horse came on set, I was like I want to sit and surprisingly I was wearing a white outfit and even the horse was white in colour, so it really looked beautiful and so filmy! The thing that my zodiac is Sagittarius which is half man and half horse, so that’s the reason I love horses more.”

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