Synopsis Day 40: Twist in the Kaalkothri nominations brings the house down

Winning doesn’t come easy, especially if you’re in the Bigg Boss house. As the competition gets tougher, the contestants mustput their best foot forward to keep themselves safe.

It’s that time of the week again where the 3 most undisciplined contestants of the Bigg Boss house are kept in the Kaal kothri as punishment. After a grueling captaincy task which resulted in Deepak becoming the Fizz Captain of the week, the Bigg Boss inmates had to brace themselves for another challenge that is deciding who should be sent to the kaal kothri.

Waking up to a new day, all the contestants were strategizing whether they want to support Deepak as a captain or not. Karanveer and Srishty stated they don’t consider Deepak as their leader whereas Shivashish said that Romil is the one taking the decisions instead of Deepak. While Dipika got emotional as she was missing her family on the other hand Jasleen was upset as the in-mates taunted her calling her relationship with Anup Jalota fake.

In the middle of some major planning and plotting, Bigg Boss announced the Kaal- kothari nominations for this week. This time, whenever a buzzer rang, the first three contestants who rushed to confession room got a chance to punish a contestant of their choice. Saba, Shivashish and Rohit were the ones who rushed to the confession room first and mentioned their choice.

Later the contestants were asked to sit in the living area and Bigg Boss declared a major twist to the Kaal kothri nominations, Deepak being the captain of the house was given the liberty to relieve on person out of three chosen ones and instead send another housemate to jail.

Will friendship supersede animosity? Will Deepak’s captaincy be righteous?

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