Yay! Finally, Aditya and Zoya to get married despite all odds in Bepannah

MUMBAI: Colors’ Bepannah is showcasing the beautiful marriage of Aditya and Zoya. The two have faced a number of hurdles in the process. First, there was a truck attack on Aditya. Then, a chandelier almost falls on them. And now, during the wedding ceremony, Zoya sees a suspicious man walking around.

The man has a knife and wants to kill both Aditya and Zoya. As we all know, Anjana and Wasim are completely against Zoya and Aditya’s relationship. There seems to be a new enemy in their lives now.

Who is this person who doesn’t want to see Aditya and Zoya together?

Amidst all this, fans will have something to rejoice about, as finally, Aditya and Zoya will get married. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness Aditya and Zoya taking the saat pheras.

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