Being a Catholic it was difficult for me to learn Bhojpuri: Melissa Pais

Mumbai: ‘Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithaa Hai,’ a recently launched show on Star Plus is creating a buzz for introducing the first-of-its-kind genre of political satire on the channel. It uses Hindi language as its base with a tint of Bhojpuri to give the show an additional humour.

Actress Melissa Pais who plays the character of Malai (Chaitu Lal’s sister-in-law) on the show is someone who is fun-loving and enjoys singing and dancing on Bhojpuri tunes. Although the actress has starred on various Hindi television shows previously, she found it a little difficult to grasp the language on the show.

Melissa said, “I am a Catholic originally from Goa, but I have lived in Mumbai for several years and have worked on Hindi TV shows before. When I first entered the industry, Hindi itself was difficult for me and now my character Malai demanded that I speak in Bhojpuri along with Hindi because of the flavour of the show. I was naturally very apprehensive about playing Malai but eventually, I faced my difficulty and learnt Bhojpuri through a language tutor to be able to do justice to my character. I enjoyed the process because I fell in love with the language gradually.”

Melissa hopes to entertain audiences through her character, Malai since it’s the toughest character she has played on screen till now.

We hope you excel at playing this new challenging character!

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