Elokeshi is one such role that requires preparation: Manasi Sinha

Kolkata: Actress Manasi Sinha says that her character in the period drama Prothom Protisruti is one of those roles that require preparation.

The Colors Bangla daily, which features Sushmili Acharjya in the title role of Satyabati, will see Manasi portraying the character of Elokeshi, Satyabati’s mother-in-law.

At the recent press conference of the show, when business credit asked whether she is satisfied to bag this role or not, she said, “Well, I started acting when I was a six and a half years old. And in my career I got three to four roles which needed preparation, homework and a lot of thought. Elokeshi is one such role.”

The actress further added humorously, “Everyone says that it is a negative character and that it tried to hurt Satyabati. In many ways, she tried to tackle and dominate Satyabati and make her bow her head. But every time, using her intellect Satyabati turned victorious and held her head high. Thus somewhere Elokeshi had always been a looser. I feel bad for her actually.”

Produced by DAAG Creative Media, Prothom Protisruti will air from 5 March airing every Monday to Sunday at 9:30 pm.

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